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AlyxPortur is geared towards helping students make better progress in their classes by sharing current (and past) materials, homework, tests, etc. for classes. All class materials uploaded are offered "as is". The University of Arkansas Fayetteville is currently the only school supported, but give me a shout if you attend somewhere else and want a section for your school. This section includes material relevant to current classes (Fall 2009) and for classes from past terms as well.

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Send me your course material that you want to share on here. Currently only accepting files for UofA Fayetteville classes. (Support for other schools/colleges is in dev.) I check my email multiple times a day, and any uploads to this site are processed at least once a week (on weekends) if not more often.

For us education is important all across the world. We work with numerous education facilities across the world including www.cultureandschoolseast.org.uk based in the UK. Like us they are dedicated to educating various people of various ages. They help connect people who want to learn in the UK, whether it is choosing the right school, the right college or the best suited university.